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Masks! Spandex! Wrestling! Weapons! Zombies!


What better defense against a Zombie apocalypse than oily masked men jumping around in spandex!?


Lucha Zombie combines classic side scrolling action fighting games, wrestling and Zombie genres in one game.


The spotlight shins as you're in the main event. Your burly opponent smells worse than usual. His groaning makes you unsure of whether or not his tights are on too... tight. In an unusual wrestling move, if there ever is such a thing, he tries to take a big bite off your head. His green skin tone clashes with his yellow tights and underneath his ripped mask you begin to see the real monster behind it. As you look around the arena, those adoring fans who were once screaming for you, are now screaming in horror as they have slowly transformed into flesh eating Zombies.


You are completely surrounded in the ring and must fight your way out in the biggest battle royal of your life! How long can you survive?!



Simple, pick-up-and-play arcade action

Fight off hordes of enemies from all sides

Hard hitting and high flying attacks

Chain together moves and attacks for bonuses

Pose and strut in front of the crowd to get them going

Classic Wrestling related weapons

Cage match to help lock Zombies out

Light your Zombies up with some pyro

Get your Zombies dizzy with arena lights

12 playable characters, each with their own unique personality

Full Game Center integration, including achievements and leader boards